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What’s New About It?

What’s truly new about A New Way to Cook is the many kinds and levels of information it encompasses in a single volume:

An approach to cooking and eating based on a sane, pleasure–centered diet.

A solid framework of innovative techniques and tips for cooking intelligently and creatively with moderate amounts of fat.

A wealth of recipes that reflect contemporary American cooking, squarely based in the Mediterranean cuisines of Italy and France, yet larded with American, Asian and Latin American flavors.

Tools and information to help cooks improvise.

Improvisation — a subject not usually addressed in cookbooks — is one of the most exciting themes in A New Way to Cook because a spontaneous, less recipe-driven approach is so much more fun, interesting and liberating than simply following a recipe. Template recipes called Guides to Improvising help readers improvise their own dishes using any number of ingredients. A huge section of Flavor Catalysts — make ahead sauces, rubs, marinades, flavored oils and broths — enable even the novice home cook to forge complex dishes out of simple elements, the way chefs do.